Educating Minds and Opening Hearts

Join our pro-life organization on our quest to protect life in Bozeman, MT and all of Gallatin County

At Gallatin Valley Right to Life, we believe that all life matters, from the fetus forming in a mother's womb to the elderly patient in hospice. Our goal is to show love to members of our community in Bozeman, MT, and the Gallatin county area and educate the public about issues relating to the intentional ending of human life at any stage.

You can come to our pro-life organization for information about abortion, partial-birth abortion, embryonic stem cell research, disability, cloning, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Make informed decisions when it comes to life

Making important decisions when it comes to life can feel stressful and hopeless. If you're struggling to make a decision about abortion or euthanasia, reach out to one of our educated team members for help. We'll make sure you understand all of your options and provide resources to help you navigate through difficult decisions.

Don't be discouraged or scared by an unplanned pregnancy or terminal illness. Contact our right-to-life organization today to get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Help us protect life from conception to natural death

Gallatin Valley Right to Life is a chapter of National Right to Life, which is the oldest and largest nondenominational pro-life organization in the US. Over the last 30 years, we've partnered with other pro-life organizations like the MSU Students for Life and We Care to educate the public through annual marches and banquets.

Your donations and volunteer work have allowed us to:

  • Put up a billboard by Three Forks
  • Participate in local festivals and health fairs
  • Host oratory and essay contests for local students
  • Do educational TV, radio and newsletter advertising
  • Set up memorial benches for the unborn at local churches

And we're not stopping there. To find out what we're working on next, join one of our monthly meetings. Contact us today to learn when and where our pro-life meetings are held.

We're Hosting an Essay Contest for Local Students Right Now

Check out our Contests page to learn how to enter